Top 3 AdBlock Apps for YouTube on iOS 2023

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With the growth of the online world, many sites, games, and streaming services found a way to add revenue on top of what they already had. Annoying ads and pop-ups are something that is a huge pain in our butt, especially when we are immersed in a movie or TV series.

Everyone knows that these ads are meant to promote something they haven’t seen, that they may be interested in, and generate revenue for the service that is pushing these ads. Now what’s interesting enough is that we get all these ads and popups that have nothing to do with our preferences and things that interest and annoy us beyond belief. This is where clever people managed to create a small piece of software that integrates into your browser or operating system and prevents your favorite program from appearing and stopping it. How they work, how they are downloaded and integrated to your devices, iOS in this case, will be shown if you check out the AdBlock app for YouTube on iOS.

Details of everything can be found there, but we decided to go the other way and list the best ad blockers you can find online for any of your iOS devices. Here is the list:

  1. totaladblock

This is THE app for handling advertising, notifications, and trackers of any kind. TotalAdblock also prevents ads from appearing on websites that are ad-supported for free, such as YouTube and Crunchyroll. Simply removing the ads should drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for websites to load. TotalAdblock can be configured to block websites and webpages known to spread malware, or to whitelist sites that you want left undisturbed. Although the basic TotalAdblock program is free, you must purchase an annual subscription to get access to the premium features, some of which are described below.

  1. 1 blocker

This program is powerful and distinctive. The power and distinctiveness of the app stems from the fact that it was created solely for Safari and iOS. It won’t block anything that isn’t inside the Safari browser because it’s a web extension. To disable advertising, cookies and comments, simply check the necessary boxes. Regular updates to the rules ensure that your options remain limited. 1Blocker is available in two flavors: free and paid. The retail edition provides system-wide firewall protection against in-app trackers, a whitelist extension, and the option to sync settings between iOS devices.

  1. adlock

This is a powerful ad-blocker that prevents pop-ups, autoplay ads, banners, and unwanted redirects on Safari sites and apps, all while avoiding detection by anti-ad-blocker software. The designers recommend using three to five filters, but you can test even more in the app settings. You can use filters to control what you see on web pages, such as pop-up chat boxes. Adlock is compatible with iOS 12.1 or newer iPhones and iPads.

In general, you have a wide variety of these applications and most of them work well. There are the ones you have to pay for and there are the free ones that work as browser extensions that will work in 90-95% of cases in my experience. You can pick and choose as you please, but life with these attached to your device is so much better and less interrupted. Try what you want and tell us what you think.

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