Twitter forces the ‘For You’ tab on Android

After debuting on iOS last week and also since hitting the web, Twitter is now rolling out the “For You” tab to Android devices.

Now rolling out in what appears to be an account-based, server-side update, the For You tab on Android devices works the same as it does on iOS and on the web. By default, the app loads with this algorithmic timeline that consists mostly of the accounts you follow, but mixed others as well, and all in random order.

Swiping to the “Following” tab instead displays a chronological timeline of the content of the accounts you follow.

The “For You” tab seems to be rolling out quite a bit as of Friday, January 20, but not yet for all users. My account remains with the previous change between “latest” and “Home”, which keeps the user preference in place between uses.

The change here comes as no surprise, as Twitter has been bringing almost all of its major changes to iOS first ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company. The updated Twitter Blue subscription, for example, became available on iOS a month before the Android app.

If you were hoping to use a third-party Twitter client to bypass this change in the official app, the bad news is that you can’t. Yesterday, Twitter officially banned third-party clients through an update to its developer terms. Since then, popular clients have closed as a result, including Luke Klinker’s Claw for Twitter, which was popular for many years on Android. Other apps like Phoenix, Flemishand more have also closed.

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