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After promising a feature that allows you to easily mark tweets, Twitter is now rolling it out to iOS. The new layout shows the bookmark button below the expanded tweet view. Making it easy to add a post to your bookmarks.

Before today’s change, you had to tap the share button to open the sharing card, and then tap the bookmark option to save a tweet. In addition to the new button, as soon as you tap on the button, you will see a banner at the top of the screen that says “Show all bookmarks”.

The option is currently only visible in the iOS app, but we can expect Twitter to roll it out to Android and the web soon.

Image Credits: Twitter

Earlier this month, Elon Musk promised to bring the bookmark button to the detailed view of the tweet. Now, it is finally rolling out to end users. Many people have used the “Like” button as a bookmarking feature, just because it was cumbersome to save and retrieve tweets as bookmarks. But this new button placement might change things up a bit.

In particular, if you have a subscription to Twitter Blue, which is now also available on Android, you can use the bookmark folders feature to better organize your bookmarks.

Along with this, Twitter has also updated its Android app to display the two timeline options in two separate tabs side by side. The company first launched the default “For You” timeline and “Next” chronological timeline on iOS last week.

Later he also brought this view to the web. At that point, Twitter remembered your timeline choice even if you closed the tab. So, for example, if you chose “Following” and opened Twitter in a new tab after closing it, the “Following” timeline appeared as the default feed. However, the company now appears to have made the change in such a way that you’ll see the “For You” feed by default if you refresh the page or open Twitter in a new tab.

Meanwhile, last night, the company made changes to its API terms, effectively killing third-party customers. As a result, well-known apps like Twitterrific have started to pull their apps from app stores.

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