War Thunder Players Share Military Documents On Forums Again

The FBI and CIA should really park on the War Thunder forums at this point.

Restart the watch – it has happened again. Someone has shared restricted military documents on the War Thunder forums in the hope that it will be fixed and discussed. Instead, the documents have been removed and nothing in the game will change.

As first reported by MMO Fallout (thanks to Kotaku), a War Thunder player posted restricted documents of the F-16 fighter jet, as well as documents on the AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile. Both were posted in a thread debating the performance of the aircraft and the missile, and one user in particular went so far as to dig up military documents to prove his point. Both documents were not classified, but are restricted under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) in the US.


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It seems the user thought sharing those documents for a jet that is technically 40 years old wouldn’t be against War Thunder rules, but forgot that newer models of the F-16 and AMRAAM are still in military service around the world. .

F-15E Ace Combat 7
via Bandai Namco

But the fun doesn’t end at the F-16. Elsewhere on the War Thunder forums, someone posted restricted documents about the F-15E Strike Eagle, including diagrams and text about its avionics, radar, targeting controls, head-up display, digital map, and more. These too are old enough to be declassified, but since the F-15E is still in active service, they are still restricted. Both posts have since been deleted.

“We always remove posts containing classified or restricted information from our forum as soon as possible,” Gaijin Entertainment founder Anton Yudintsev said in a statement to Aerotime. “We prohibit our users from sharing documents like this on our platforms. We remind them time and time again that it’s illegal and pointless, so they should never do it. We never use them in our work and that policy will never change.”

This is not the first time that sensitive military documents have been shared on the War Thunder forums. In 2021, someone published classified documents about the British Challenger 2 main battle tank, then just a few months later, someone responded with the manual for the French Leclerc tank. Last year, another player posted weapon schematics for a Chinese tank gun round just to settle an argument.

We must note that although War Thunder contains real life war weapons (both historical and current), it is still a game and is not based on real world performance.

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