WhatsApp for iOS implements the ability to create a chat with yourself

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with some new features that will roll out to users around the world in the coming weeks. One of them is the possibility of creating a chat with yourself.

Previously, if you wanted to save messages or have a quick access place to find your notes, why not? –You needed to send them to a friend or create a group just with you. Now when you tap to start a “New Chat”, you can choose to “Message yourself” to get started.

You can send stickers, links, photos, videos, files, and record audio. But, as you know, you cannot start an audio or video call with yourself.

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp for iOS is the ability to search for a message by date. By tapping “Search” on the contact or group information and then on the calendar icon, you can discover messages sent on a specific date thanks to a new date picker.

Image source: WhatsApp

The app is also rolling out the ability to control who can see when you’re online. Under “Settings”, tap on “Privacy” and select “Last seen and online” to change the information. If you choose “Nobody”, even if you have WhatsApp for desktop open, it will not appear as if you are online.

WhatsApp is also rolling out the ability to drag and drop sharing images, videos, and documents from other apps like Safari, Photos, and Files into the app’s chat.

Last but not least, the long-awaited “delete for me” undo feature is also available. WhatsApp started rolling out this feature at the end of December after a advertisement Made by the head of the app, Will Cathcart. Now, more users will get it.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out if this feature is already available is by mistakenly deleting a message for yourself when you were planning to delete it for everyone.

You can update the app to the latest version on the App Store or download it for free here.

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