WhatsApp will release a major update: see five possible changes

The popular instant messaging app is reportedly in the process of changing the way the platform is used.

The Meta-owned company is said to be looking to introduce a feature that allows you to forward images and videos between chats with captions, which you can’t do at the moment.

We are aware of these changes as WhatsApp usually tests them in a “beta test” before releasing the new features to the public.

News and Star: WhatsApp update will affect billions of users of the application (Canva)WhatsApp update will affect billions of users of the application (Canva) (Image: Canvas)

However, the experts at WABetainfo have given users a taste of the possible changes to come after finding out the details of the updates that are coming to the app.

How is WhatsApp changing?

Here are five potential changes that could be rolling out to WhatsApp very soon:

Detect text in images in WhatsApp

Currently in beta testing, WhatsApp is testing a feature that detects text in WhatsApp images so you can copy and paste it.

The update will be useful for documents and forms and will save you from having to type all the details yourself.

Forward photos and videos on WhatsApp with a title

Another potential update to WhatsApp could be the ability to send images and videos to contacts with a caption, according to Sun.

Blocking people on WhatsApp

WhatsApp wants to create a shortcut that makes it easier for users to block other users more quickly.

Move your WhatsApp history

WhatsApp is developing the ability to shuffle your WhatsApp chat history between Android phones without using Google Drive.

However, this update has not yet reached the Beta stage of the testing process.

New camera mode for easier video recording

Another update in the works includes a new camera mode.

The goal of the new feature is to make it easier to record videos.

News and Star: Check out five changes possibly coming to WhatsApp (Canva)Check out five changes possibly coming to WhatsApp (Canva) (Image: Canvas)

Although none of these updates are available to the public on WhatsApp yet and it is not clear when they will be rolled out to the app.

How do I install WhatsApp and is it free?

WhatsApp is available on IOS, Android and desktop.

All you need to do to install the messaging app on Android is to go to the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp Messenger and tap on install.

You can then open WhatsApp, agree to the Terms of Service, and register your phone number.

If you are an IOS user, you can find WhatsApp Messenger in the Apple App Store, then tap GET.

Then the steps are the same, open the app, agree to the Terms of Service and register your phone number.

If there is a backup of your chat, you can restore it and you can learn more about how to do this via the WhatsApp website.

For your desktop, you can install the messaging app by downloading it from the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, or the WhatsApp website.

It will only work on your computers if your operating system is Windows 8.1, macOS 10.11 or newer.

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