Black Knight, Gyeongseong Creature to Sweet Home, The Glory 2: Netflix Announces 34 Korean Movies and Shows by 2023

By Puja Talwar

From slow romances to tense thrillers, from survival stories to revenge sagas, the global K-drama fandom has seen an exponential rise. In 2021, the story of Netflix’s Squid Games script, breaking viewership records and taking home Golden Globes and Emmys for the first time for a non-English series.

With the rise in consumption of Korean content, the streaming service revealed that more than 60 percent of its members were watching Korean titles around the world, revealing its biggest lineup for 2023.

Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee’s long-awaited monster thriller “Gyeongseong Creature,” set in 1945, will have the two actors take on a monster born of human greed in post-war Korea.

Climate change, poor air quality as humans struggle to breathe, Kim Woo Bin as a delivery boy who leads the fate of the few left on the South Korean peninsula in the dystopian sci-fi “Black Knight.”

Come February to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kim Ok Vin and Yoo Teo in “Love To Hate You,” a romantic comedy in which a rookie lawyer at an entertainment agency gets involved with a cynical and suspicious superstar.

Get ready to travel back in time with Business Proposal star Ahn Hyo Seop in “A Time Called You.” Kim Nam Gil’s The Fiery Priest, Song Of The Bandits, a period drama set against the backdrop of the Japanese colonization of Korea, also starring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

The hit shows return with a second season, firstly Song Hye Kyo’s gritty revenge thriller “The Glory” launches its second season in March. Jung Haein’s critically acclaimed DP, which delivered a hard-hitting narrative about the systemic problems in the Korean military, is set to introduce its second season. Song Kang returns with the second edition of the apocalyptic thriller, “Sweet Home.”

“Over the past year, Korean series and movies have regularly appeared on our Global Top 10 list in more than 90 countries, and three of Netflix’s most-watched shows are from Korea. This year, we’re going further with the stories we tell and how we tell them. With this lineup of Korean titles, Netflix will continue to be the ultimate destination for compelling, diverse, and must-watch Korean storytelling,” said Don Kang, Vice President of Content (Korea).

In addition to unscripted shows, several movies scheduled for the year include the sci-fi thriller “Jung-E,” “Kill Boksoon,” a story of a serial killer with conflicting maternal instincts, and the dark “Ballerina,” a gritty drama about teacher-student rivalry.

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