Bungie offers ‘Destiny 2’ Stadia players a free month of GeForce Now

Now that Stadia is gone, Bungie is directing gamers towards NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. The developer has offered destiny 2 users a free month on the game streaming service, sending unique codes to each user, according to an email seen by 9to5Google. “We managed to get some free codes for NVIDIA’s high-performance cloud gaming platform,” Bungie wrote. “Redeem your code for a month of GeForce Now Priority Membership, for free.”

destiny 2 it was prominent in Stadia’s marketing all the way, but it was also featured in promoting GeForce Now for various devices, as shown in the image above. Of the remaining cloud services, destiny 2 is available on GeForce Now but not on Xbox Cloud, Amazon’s Luna, or PlayStation Now.

Google announced in September that it would be shutting down Stadia for good as the service failed to attract users. It refunded all game and hardware sales, and some game studios stepped in to help transfer games to other services. If you have a Stadia controller, you can enable Bluetooth support via an online tool so it can be used with PC, iOS, or Android devices.

Bungie’s offer has been sent to every Destiny 2 user, so check your inbox for the invite and unique code, then be sure to redeem it before February 19. That will get you a free month of GeForce Now Priority, which offers 1080p gaming, 6-hour session lengths, and refresh rates up to 60fps (it’ll cost you $10 per month, or $50 for six months after that). The service has just introduced a new Ultimate membership tier with a new RTX 4080 boost that offers 4K resolutions, 8-hour sessions, and up to 120fps for $20 per month or $100 for six months.

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