Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team debuts characters dressed in the official JUVENTUS kit and more in the latest update

KLab has announced an exciting new update for Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, the studio’s soccer simulation game for iOS and Android. In the latest update, players can look forward to welcoming new players to the fray, including Alessandro Delpi donning the official JUVENTUS kit.

In particular, the official JUVENTUS campaign will take place within Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team starting on January 20 and will put Zedane, Davi and Alessandro Delpi at center stage in the official JUVENTUS uniform.

Along with these new debuts also comes the special limited-time login bonus event, where players can get in-game goodies simply for signing up between now and February 5th. In-game items include Dreamballs, Black Ball (SSR), Legendary Drills, and much more.

Meanwhile, the JUVENTUS Selection Transfer, which will run from now until February 3rd, will offer players a special level-up opportunity to nab Zedane, Davi and Alessandro Delpi in the Step-Up Transfer. Here, players are guaranteed one SSR player in Step 3 and one new SSR player in Step 5.

There will also be limited daily scenarios to participate in, as well as event quests and Chinese New Year: daily scenarios that will grant shot-specific Black Ball (SSR) +3, dribble-specific Black Ball (SSR) +3, Block-specific black ball (N) +3 and more.

If you’re interested in getting your piece of the pie this month, you can download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iOS App Store. You can also visit the official website to find out more about the game, or join the fan community on the official Facebook page to stay updated on the latest developments.

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