Galaxy A14 teardown reveals potentially significant breakthrough in Samsung smartphone repairability

Some potential buyers might appreciate the relatively clean new look of the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (particularly in terms of its triple rear cameras), though its rumored resemblance to the upcoming OEM 2023 flagship smartphones remains to be seen.

Now third-party repair enthusiasts may also have reason to be delighted with the new budget device, as YouTuber PBKReviews found out. Not only are its internal components reasonably easy to access thanks to its plastic rear panel, but it seems Samsung has abandoned a practice often maligned for discouraging part replacement on its smartphones.

The OEM is often criticized for using as much glue as possible when installing batteries in these devices, making it difficult to remove without risk of damage. The A14, however, has been equipped with a sticker “bag” However.

Very reminiscent of the pull tabs of yore, this option could make replacements much easier, especially since PBKReviews concludes that it’s reusable with the new battery.

Additionally, the A14’s design means that some components, like the rear camera module, don’t require complete disassembly to repair; on the other hand, it seems that the 90 Hz screen of the smartphone needs to be replaced.

However, a case for your new Galaxy A14 might be a good idea.

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