Jennifer Garner’s Sexy Assassin Movie Is Trending On Netflix

Jennifer Garner’s bizarre Marvel movie Elektra is currently in the top ten of all movies on Netflix.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Netflix is ​​home to award-winning movies, great original series like Wednesday Y squid gamecrazy documentaries like tiger kingand also less famous and less prestigious options, such as electra. According to Flixpatrol, Jennifer Garner’s Marvel comic adaptation is currently in the top ten of all movies on the service. This naturally leads to the question, why?

Jennifer Garner has starred in many movies and the amazing TV series Aliasmost of them good, some of them bad, and one a complete abomination to the source material. electra It’s a sequel to Ben Affleck. Reckless, which featured Garner as one of the most fatal women in the Marvel Universe. In that movie, Bullseye (Colin Farrell) kills Elektra, just as he did in the famous story written by Frank Miller in the ’80s, but from there, the movie and comic book versions diverged dramatically.

In electra, the Greek assassin is shown to have been revived by Stick (Terence Stamp), and is now at war with The Hand, a clan of evil ninjas who, yes, were the inspiration for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ The Foot Clan. Jennifer Garner’s character decides to protect her latest targets, a father and daughter played by emergencies Goran Visnjic and Kristen Zien, prompting The Hand’s elite team of assassins to come after them. If he expected this to be an opportunity for the introduction of classic villains, like Typhoid Mary, or even Taskmaster, then he would be sorely disappointed as the one-note characters make John Travolta, from The Punisherit looks dangerous.

jennifer garner elektra
Jennifer Garner as Elektra

During the course of a long and protracted battle, Elektra learns that Abby, the young woman she is protecting, is a “treasure”, a one-of-a-generation martial arts prodigy, just like Elektra. One of the assassins, Typhoid, reveals that she was a treasure, too, and going through Elektra’s age makes the whole “once in a generation” concept immediately fall apart. While Jennifer Garner may have been the first actress to play Elektra, she’s only the second best to pick up the sais.

During the second season of Reckless, a more comically accurate version of Elektra was introduced, played by Elodie Yung. Jennifer Garner’s performance never reaches Yung’s body count, and the latter will be a major part of the defenders cross-over, uniting the street heroes from Netflix shows against The Hand. While it’s unlikely we’ll see Yung reprise his role in the MCU due to his commitments to his own drama, the cleaning ladythere’s always the chance that the increased use of The Defenders will lead to at least one cameo.

If the weather is bad and there’s nothing left to stream on Netflix, then maybe that’s the time to stream. electra. Jennifer Garner’s most recent film, Mint, where she plays a vigilante, is also available on Netflix. With the latest phase of Marvel in full swing in the Multiverse saga, Garner could theoretically return in secret warsbut so far the star has given no indication that she wants to, and given what happened the last time she stepped into the red leather, who can blame her?

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