Jockey Pocket Card: Keep Going! may be considered at a later date

Pocket Card Jockey was originally released for the 3DS in Japan in 2013, eventually making its way around the world in 2016. Along with that, the game has also been released on iOS and Android, and more recently, a sequel called Pocket Card Jockey: Go ahead! Released on Apple Arcade.

Many have been wondering if Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! it could come to Switch at some point, and surprisingly, Masao Taya, a programmer at Game Freak, was willing to talk about it.

While we haven’t received any confirmation that the title will be coming, it appears that the idea is being considered. Specifically, in an interview with Polygon, Taya says that the team is focused on getting feedback from Apple Arcade users and delivering updates, and based on the reaction to that version, the team will think about what comes next.

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