op touch Symphony will be released for both Android and iOS in 2023

DeNA Co.Ltd. is a Japanese mobile game production and distribution company that has just announced that it is working on a new classical music game that will be part of the op touch universea mixed media project on classical music music himself by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA. the new game is called op. Symphony and the distributors have released a new trailer that shows the world in which the game will take place along with its photovoltaic concepts. takt op Symphony is expected to be released in 2023.

op. Symphony centers on a group of young women with musical powers.

The game is set in a fantasy land where music and its notes can be used as weapons. The weapons are known as Musical Arts. Their only mission is to fight and defeat the enemy of humanity and the entire world and desperate doll who is a strange monster who is destined to destroy the world and needs to be stopped.

Image via DeNA Co. Ltd.

Players will play the role of a Driver, since it doesn’t matter how powerful or useful a musical note is. It will not be of use unless it is used by a Director. They cannot directly fight the monster or the other opponents. Players will need to lead the Musicarts in battle and indirectly help them win the war and save the world.

The game will be available to players around the world in 2023.

The YouTube trailer shows the potential of the game and the world it is based on. He also provides a brief description of his story that has been released showing players the world they will be playing in along with the new PV concepts.

No further details of the game have been revealed yet and there is no set release date as of now. Players can follow the game’s official fan page on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.

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