Riot Games Target of Cyber ​​Attack, League of Legends Updates Delayed

Unusual businesses like Riot are grappling with the fallout from a cyberattack as fans worry about the delays this event will cause.

Riot Games made a statement on its Twitter page, announcing the bad news that a “social engineering attack” has caused the interruption of its services. The consequences of this unfortunate turn of events will mean delays in rolling out updates to most Riot Games products.

Riot’s two flagship games are valorant Y League of Legends, and it seems that they will be greatly affected. But the developers have done their best to defuse the tension between disgruntled players.


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In his Twitter post, Riot explained that he doesn’t have all the answers at the moment, however, he will keep his followers updated with further developments of the situation. The company assured players that, to the best of its knowledge, no personal information or player data was leaked as a result of the breach. While that’s good news, the bad part was that Riot announced that their patch releases will be affected in several of their games, but didn’t actually name them specifically. Riot asked for everyone’s patience while the investigations are carried out. It seems that Riot can no longer rest in 2023.

Beneath the announcement, hundreds of commenters mocked the violation or asked how this would affect several different services. Andrei van Roon, head of League Studio, has assured fans that everything scheduled for patch 13.2 will be released, but it will be late. The development team is still working around the clock to try to implement as many changes as possible, but updates that cannot be fixed will come later, such as art changes. Team Fight Tactics also made a separate post, informing players that the full scope of the balance changes may not arrive in time, but the major ones will still be implemented in the form of hotfixes. He valorant The Twitter page did not acknowledge this update, so it appears that valorant players the fun continues.

It is reassuring for players that their personal and game data has not been leaked and it will at least be possible to continue playing in its current state. However, if players have been waiting for fixes for power imbalances in their favorite Riot products, they may have to wait longer than normal for these changes to take effect.

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