Some users say that the SoundCloud loop or repeat button is missing

Many iOS users are upset to find that the snooze or snooze button has disappeared from the SoundCloud app.

The loop button makes it easy to listen to your favorite songs over and over again. But recently, SoundCloud removed that feature for users.

SoundCloud loop reports or repeat button missing on iOS

The button is reportedly no longer present after the recent update and instead shows the ‘Next Queue’ feature.

On iOS it looks like the snooze button has been incorporated into the queue feature. It will allow users to access everything from one screen.

However, some users are frustrated because they seem unaware of the change. This has led them to believe that the replay feature is no longer available.

One user posted: “I’m so upset that SoundCloud removed the Loop button for a Que button, it’s much more inconvenient for me now.”

“give me back my easy loop button @SoundCloud. Seeing this on my screen I felt like you removed the loop button. This “see what’s next!” the feature is disgusting,” another user posted.

However, it has only been changed to the most requested ‘Next Queue’ feature.

Repeat button moved to ‘Next’ queue on iOS

“We’ve also moved the snooze button on iOS to your queue so you can access everything from the same screen,” Soundcloud announced in an article.

Considering some aren’t happy with the change, it will be interesting to see if the team returns the button to its previous location.

It’s been over a month since the issue was first reported, and users keep posting about the missing or repositioned loop button.

In response to a complaint, the SoundCloud team clarified that they changed their position on the UI and stated that they will take your feedback into account.

So users will just have to wait until the next update or get used to the new feature.

Previously, an iOS update also broke the ‘Shuffle’ button in the SoundCloud app.

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