Special Features of the Top 10 iOS Games in 2022 A Year With Many Highlights

Some of the best iOS games of the year of games 2022 are due to games that finally saw the light of day after a long journey.

Dreadrock Dungeons at Platz 10

Christoph Minnameier, the creator of the dynamic German dungeon crawler, has given the highest rating in the category.

Dungeons of Dreadrock is now available on the App Store and also on Google Play.

Dungeons of Dreadrock, which was designed by German Christoph Minnameier, appears to be a decent game at first glance, but resembles a typical dungeon crawler for the first few minutes, which at least seems to have good sliding controls and puzzles, but at the In the end at least, the game is packed with great, well-executed concepts.

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