STALKER 2 Reveals Incredible New Screenshots

GSC Game World shares four new screenshots for its upcoming shooter STALKER 2, showing different in-game encounters.

GSC Game World has released four new screenshots for STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobylwhich shows how the upcoming open world shooter continues to improve as it moves towards launch. STALKER 2 It’s still listed as an ambiguous 2023 release, but GSC Game World’s frequent screenshots are impressive evidence of the game’s progress. Of course, the Ukrainian team deserves all the time it needs to make STALKER 2 the best game it can be, but it’s hard not to get emotional when looking at these stunning visuals.


For those unfamiliar with the ongoing development of STALKER 2 You should know that the game was first planned for release in 2022. However, GSC Game World is based in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and a key target of Russia’s ongoing war of aggression. Development of STALKER 2 it has since moved to Prague, although many developers at GSC Game World remain deeply involved in the defense of Ukraine. A more than understandable delay pushed STALKER 2 in 2023, but fans aren’t asking GSC Game World to rush it.

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The latest update on STALKER 2The development of was shared on the game’s official Twitter account. GSC Game World provided not only four new gameplay screenshots, but also a developer update posted to Wired that delved into the studio’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More than 200 families from GSC Game World moved in even before the war started and are now leading the development of STALKER 2 from Prague But 130 employees remain in Ukraine, including some on the war front.

stalker 2 windmill and radiation suits

stalker 2 rowboat and sunrise

stalker 2 train and dogs

stalker 2 swamp and combat

STALKER 2The new screenshots stand out against the harrowing descriptions of what the developers at GSC Game World have had to go through over the past year. STALKER 2 it’s a game about the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, but now it’s something else. The screenshots of STALKER 2 They show disturbing scenes, abandoned houses and infrastructure, and the weapons necessary to exist in that environment. But there is also beauty there, when the sun rises over Chernobyl and new life takes root.

Lead producer Maria Grygorovych describes STALKER 2 now as a Ukrainian “national product”. She says it will show that “Ukraine is not only exceptionally effective and courageous on the battlefield, but equally valuable in a sense of cultural heritage.” hopes of grygorovich STALKER 2 it will show the world that, and it’s hard to argue that GSC Game World’s continued efforts aren’t already doing that.

The screenshots and gameplay that GSC Game World continues to share during STALKER 2 they are impressive enough on their own. There’s a reason why STALKER 2 it is so expected. That STALKER 2 It’s being done under such challenging conditions that GSC Game World’s media is valuable in a profound way.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl releases in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X.

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