Tesla suppliers continue to arrive in Nuevo León

NUEVO LEON.- Tesla suppliers continue to establish themselves in Nuevo León and invest in the state.

Noah Itech began construction of its first plant in Santa Catarina, where it will house a technological development center, for which it will invest US$100 million. In addition to supplying Tesla, this company will support any electromobility company.

For its part, Quanta Computer, the company that manufactures Tesla chips, announced in 2022 the expansion of its operations in the municipality of García. Also last year, Brembo, an Italian company that manufactures disc brakes for electric vehicles, will invest in Nuevo León to start operations.

In addition, AGP has settled in Santa Catarina to export high-quality glass for Tesla, the German group ZG, which makes high-tech cameras and systems in Guadeloupe, and Vertiv, which generates data storage technology, are also in Santa Catarina.

Tesla has more than 100 suppliers throughout Mexico, including not only the state but also other cities such as Saltillo and Juárez, the Bajío and the State of Mexico.

Other Tier 1 suppliers that could take advantage of Tesla’s arrival in Nuevo León and electromobility are Navistar, Aptiv, an expert in the production of harnesses for electric cars, Yazaki, Ficosa, Nemak, Vitro, Prolamsa and ALD.

So far, the announcement of the new Tesla plant in Nuevo León, Mexico has not been made official.

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