The ChatGPT AI model is tailored for the connected home assistant on iOS

If, on the one hand, new artificial intelligence solutions are causing a sensation, drawing attention and concern from various sectors, they are also opening up opportunities for creative developers to find unprecedented uses for these resources. Combine that with dissatisfaction with the (lack of) intelligence of some virtual assistants, like Siri and Alexa, and you get what one developer just accomplished: adapting GPT-3, the AI ​​model behind ChatGPT, into a connected home assistant. on iOS.

As a direct HomePod on the mobile, Mate Marschalko appears to control various HomeKit-compatible devices through more natural dialogues with the assistant, instead of giving very specific and direct commands. This is guaranteed by the language model that, in ChatGPT, is capable of generating texts from simple or complex indications.

If this, on the one hand, makes the assistant’s response unpredictable, on the other hand the developer has shown that the machine understands that it should turn on the light when it complains that it realized that it was recording in the dark. You can even program the assistant to turn on the garage lights when your wife arrives or to adjust the bedroom temperature to a (subjective) comfortable climate.

It is also worth noting that the assistant answers subjective questions and is capable of being an interlocutor in more complex dialogues.

The entire process of adapting this assistant is in a Mate post on Medium, and the process used the shortcut automation tool, available on iOS, macOS and iPadOS.

And you, what did you think of this experiment?

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