The game is finally adding Ruby from Ash Vs Evil Dead

One of the best characters from Ash vs Evil Dead joins the fight.

Evil Dead: The Game is finally adding one of the most fan-requested characters: Ruby from Ash vs Evil Dead, who will join the game’s roster on February 2.

Last month, Saber Interactive confirmed that Evil Dead: The Game would finally move on from Army of Darkness-based DLC (no offense to Blacksmith) and add content based on Ash vs Evil Dead, which is the series at its peak, sorry no. I’m sorry. . The announcement post only showed a new skin for Pablo, but we now know that the show’s first added character will be Ruby “Knowby.”

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The post announcing Ruby featured a short gameplay clip. of his fight with the rest of the cast of Ash vs Evil Dead. The caption goes into a bit more detail about her abilities, saying, “A former Dark One herself, she’s a natural leader who can still use her evil abilities to consume the souls of her enemies to receive unique buffs,” which paints her as a Leader Class.


It’s interesting to note that Ruby has been cast as a survivor in the game, considering she spent most of Ash vs Evil Dead as an antagonist, only relenting in the second season of the show, which is what her appearance is based on. We still don’t know if Lucy Lawless will return to play her (the David and Mia actors from Evil Dead 2013 didn’t return), but there is hope.

It was always assumed that Ruby would be added to the game at some point, as data miners found evidence of its inclusion when the game was initially released. However, some assumed that he would end up being a Demon, as his generation has in-game models, indicating that they will eventually be added as well. Considering we’ve seen multiple versions of Ruby on the show, maybe it’ll play both sides again.

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