Twitter Update: Users will receive a notification from the community if they have interacted with tweets, including liking, replying or retweeting | Technology news

New Delhi: Twitter is bringing changes to make community notes more prominent on the platform. Soon, if users reply, like, or retweet something that has been subsequently fixed by the community, you’ll receive a notification about it. Community Notes has announced the new update on its official Twitter account. This will increase the impact of contributors’ efforts and help ensure that context is displayed in all the places where it can be useful.

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Elon Musk said Twitter was possibly the least misguided source of truth on the internet, but there was still a long way to go. He further said that allowing community notes to operate on a large scale and providing maximum transparency about how Twitter works was critical to building trust.

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It has started working on the web app and will soon be available for iOS and Android platforms. Elon Musk has shared the community notes tweet. He tweeted: “There will be notifications coming soon if he replied to, liked, or retweeted something later corrected by the community.”

What are community notes?

As the name implies, it is a community of volunteer Twitter contributors to be better informed and empower people on Twitter to collaboratively add useful notes to Tweets that may be misleading. In easy language, they are fact checkers.

Contributors are people on Twitter, like you, who sign up to write and rate comments. The more people participate, the better the program will be ”, mentions the community notes page.

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