UNCOMMON emerges as security-focused technology that attracts innovators

KUWAIT, Jan. 21, 2023 / — UNCOMMON showcases UNCOMMON’s experience and talent around the world. With technology being paramount in both web3 and fashion, it’s an RARE mission to bring you the best in the space.

UNCOMMON has emerged as a security-focused technology that brings together experienced innovators and UNCOMMON talent. William Chen was the former CTO of Taopaipai, the largest platform for professional wedding photography in China. He later became Technical Vice President / CTO at WD Group and YouLanW systems, where he led the technical development teams responsible for O2O and application systems. This work helped create an interface for millions of potential employees and employers to connect with.

As an early iOS developer, he released 2 apps out of the first 300 released on the first day of the iOS AppStore. He later founded Teemsoft, Inc, a game development company with more than 100 employees. He earned his BS from Xi’an Jiao Tong University and his Master’s in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago.

One of Uncommon’s goals is to generate non-typical ROI vectors. William is one of the world’s leading experts in cryptomining implementation. Everything from light coins to BTC William has undertaken large projects all over the world. William has managed over $200 million in mining assets and infrastructure. This equates to over 400,000 miners and one of the largest hash rate aggregators in the world!

With so much money at stake, UNCOMMON takes security very seriously. William was also the former president of Chinese operations for CertiK, the world’s number one blockchain/Web3 security company. He was instrumental in the growth and development of the company internationally, championing security within DeFi.

Additionally, as a continuous innovator in technology and best practices, William is inspired to bring his pedigree and innovation to the UCOMMON cause.


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