Why Netflix Probably Won’t Restore The Snyderverse

Zack Snyder fans got his Justice League released. However, his new petition is unlikely to be successful with Netflix.

Maybe watching the eventual release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League As a sign of victory, DC Snyderverse fans are now requesting that the old DC Extended Universe continue on Netflix. However, this dream seems far more unlikely than Warner Bros. allowing Snyder to finish his original cut of League of Justice. For one, the Netflix Snyderverse petitioners don’t seem to take Hollywood’s business side into account when they push for the return of their favorite filmmaker.

In addition to the financial reasons why Warner Bros. Discovery wouldn’t allow Netflix to make more movies, there’s also the fledgling DCU to consider. The new universe that James Gunn is spearheading with Peter Safran already has to deal with other unconnected DC movies and the ongoing behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Creating another universe on top of that could end up having unintended consequences for all of DC’s movies.

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A Netflix Snyderverse seems unlikely from a business standpoint

Any speculation about possible film projects must take into account the business side of Hollywood. This goes double for big-budget movies like superhero movies, since studios like Warner Bros. Discover are unlikely to risk spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie that won’t make their money back. With Warner Bros. and Netflix no longer agreeing on payment terms, it would be a big surprise for the studio to suddenly trust Netflix to present the Snyderverse.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav also has plans to create a new streaming service by combining Discovery+ content with HBO Max. One of the goals of this new streaming service is to compete with other streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. It would seem somewhat counterintuitive, then, for WBD to allow its competition to produce DC movies that fans of the Snyderverse would watch instead of new DCU content. This new streaming service is much more likely to want to be the home of all DC content in order to get more subscribers.

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Creating another DC Cinematic Universe would confuse casual fans

The canonicity of DC projects is already a bit of a mess. There are the DCEU/Snyderverse movies. Then there are movies like Shazam! Y the suicide squad that stand on their own but also have some loose connections to the old universe. There are also independent films like jester Y the batman that they both have their own sequels planned, which won’t connect to the upcoming DCU. On top of that, there’s the CW’s Arrowverse and indie shows like doom patrol on HBO Max. Trying to continue the Snyderverse on top of adding a whole new connected universe of movies would only continue to dilute the DC brand and make it harder for casual moviegoers to understand which movies are connected to which other products.

There’s also the question of how many fans really want the return of the Snyderverse. After all, the WB suspected that many of the Snyder Cut petitioners were really just bots. This is likely to make them wary of any other movement online looking to restore the original incarnation of the DCEU. Other issues facing the return of the Snyderverse include Henry Cavill going to work with Amazon for a warhammer 40k project and Ben Affleck meeting with James Gunn to discuss the possibility of Affleck directing a DCU movie. With the original Snyderverse cast moving on to other projects, they may be unwilling to return to a franchise that has always struggled to earn critical acclaim. That being said, there were many who doubted that Zack Snyder’s Justice League it would ever be released, and that ended up happening. So if you’re a big fan of the Snyderverse, keep tweeting; You never know what can happen.

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