Already a hit on Netflix? Soon a season 5?

For a few days now, the Israeli series has been back on Netflix to the delight of subscribers! The new episodes have already allowed fiction to reach eighth place in the ranking of the most popular series in the world. In our country, Fauda season 4 makes it even better since it is currently the fifth most watched series in France!

The casting for this new role is incredible and the presence of Laura Smet will undoubtedly boost season 4 ratings. Subscribers’ patience will have been quickly rewarded as this new part gets straight to the heart of the subject with impressive action scenes and uncompromising realism!

Fauda Season 4 Review: Discover Early Viewer Feedback (Spoiler Free)

I just finished watching season 4 of Fauda. The only series that never disappoints. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with its story, its plot, its twists and its slightly different ending. I still feel like it could have been done in 10 episodes. However, it was an amazing series.

I just watched all episodes of Fauda season 4. It’s amazing, a must see!

The creators of Fauda wanted to show that everyone who lives in a war zone pays a certain price, but this representation of equal suffering is criticized in the midst of a totally asymmetrical conflict, in which one side is under occupation.

“If you enjoyed the first three seasons of Fauda, ​​check out season 4. You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been watching Fauda for a while and I’m on the last season. It’s a great show. It doesn’t focus on ethnicity at all. It’s basically about an Israeli counter-terrorism unit and the challenges they face.

Fauda just keeps getting better and better. Season 4 so far has been brilliant. I have also seen a lot of Brussels, I love visiting that city. What a great series.

Soon a season 5 for Fauda? The creator is on board!

According to rumors circulating in the US media, discussions about Fauda season 5 have started but Netflix prefers to wait for the first ratings of the fourth part before making a final decision. The creator of the series also revealed thata feature film could see the light soon !

He did not specify whether the film will aim to bring the series to a close or simply tell a side story. Several projects are being negotiated and we can only cross our fingers that Netflix commissions season 5 of Fauda !

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