Explaining the third wave of leaders in Civilization 6 Leader Pass

The third wave of Civilization 6 Leader Pass is officially here, bringing with it three new leaders from across Chinese history.

There seems to be no end in sight to Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 DLC has just been released as a new wave of leaders. This is the third of six different waves of DLC leaders to come with the leader pass, and they’ve all really helped expand the leadership pool in whole new ways. whoever owns civilization 6 and all of its DLC can snag these new leaders at no extra charge. They all bring something unique to the table, and are worth checking out.


The third wave of leaders is called rulers of china package, and introduces three new leaders for China. While one of these leaders is simply an alternate persona for the base game’s China leader, the other two represent powerful rulers from Chinese history. They each shake up the game in new ways, and that makes them worth checking out for anyone looking to spice up their civilization 6 I play a little.

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Qin Shi Huang the Uniter

6 Qin civilization

Like the previous leader pass waves, the rulers of china The pack includes an alternate version of a pre-existing leader. China’s grassroots leader in civilization 6 gets a nice little buff for those who want to chase a domination win in civilization 6 instead of chasing wonders of the world. Qin Shin Huang the Unifer’s main leader ability is called Thirty-Six Stratagems, and it gives each Chinese melee unit the ability to turn nearby barbarians to the cause at the melee unit’s expense. This allows players to quickly build massive barbarian armies that they can use to conquer their neighbors, and players who use this ability well will be a major force to be reckoned with.

wu zetian

Civilization 6 Wu Zetian

The first brand new leader that the rulers of china Pack introduces Wu Zetian, and she brings a very different China with her. Instead of engaging enemies head-on or building countless wonders, Zetian’s main focus is espionage. Her special leader ability is called Entrapment Manual, and she offers many bonuses for players who focus her attention on uncovering her neighbors’ secrets. She receives a free spy once she investigates Defensive Tactics, and every Civilization the spy operates at a higher level than they do. Each offensive spy mission your spies complete will grant China 25% of the science and culture profits produced by the target city. This ability can really help boost China early game, and it will be interesting to see how veteran players use it.


Civilization 6 Yongle

The Yongle Emperor is the final new leader who comes with the rulers of china package, and he’s a great option for anyone looking to attempt a culture win in civilization 6. His special ability is called Lijia, and it looks like it will be a great way to boost China’s economy throughout the game. Each city can produce three different unique Lijia projects, with each project giving a significant boost to resources. These projects can turn 50% of the city’s production into food or faith, or 100% into gold. If the players have the rise and fall expansion, then each city that reaches 10 inhabitants will gain gold, science and culture per turn for each population. This should lead to a booming economy that will help make China a powerful force on the world stage.

He rulers of china package is available at civilization 6 right now for anyone who wants to try these new rulers. Players who have the Leaders Pass outside of all of the above civilization 6 The DLC can get this pack for free, and everyone else will have to spend $19.99 if they want access to these new leaders and all the previous waves.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 Leader Pass It is now available on mobile devices and PC.

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