Fortnite player snatches the crown of victory using the new Falcon Scout item

Fortnite players seem to love the new Falcon Scout item and are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to use it to their advantage.

The Falcon Scout element has been a hit with the Fortnite community, particularly its ability to take items and return them to the player remotely controlling the device. After a while of not having any major additions to the game, the latest Fortnite the update added new items and mechanics for players to try and play.

The Falcon Scout was this Fortnite the main focus of the update; this element is completely unlike anything the game has seen before. It is a drone that looks exactly like a mechanical falcon, so its movements in the game are very similar to a bird of prey. Primarily, the Falcon Scout is supposed to be used as a scouting machine. As the name suggests, it can scan the nearby area for enemies and create markers, but that’s not all, the drone also has the ability to carry dropped items and players.


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Since its release, Fortnite Fans have been trying to see what they can make of the Falcon Scout. As it turns out, he can pick up an oddly wide variety of items off the ground. In a hilarious clip, Reddit user Milan_udn shares his Falcon Scout snatching a victory crown from an opponent right after watching him eliminate the crown’s original owner.

Victory crowns added to Fortnite a little over a year ago during Chapter 3, and they are highly coveted because they can be extremely difficult to acquire; this is exactly why the player in the clip decides to take the Crown of Victory instead of the Medkit, even though they have 27 HP. Victory Crowns can only be obtained by obtaining a Victory Royale or looting them from a player who has one. If a player is eliminated and his victory crown is not collected in time, he will disappear permanently. Earning a Victory Royale while holding a Victory Crown will increase the number displayed on the Crowning Achievement emote that resets each season.

Thankfully, fan response regarding the Falcon Scout has been generally positive thus far. The same cannot be said for the nerfed Shockwave Hammer which, while he is not as powerful as he once was, is still not a fan favorite in the Fortnite community; many players believe that he is simply too overpowered to stay in the game entirely. Throughout the next two weeks, players will surely continue to find ways to take advantage of Falcon Scout and make entertaining plays that can be turned into fun clips.

Fortnite is available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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