God of War fan recreates Kratos’ house in Minecraft

A creative God of War fan uses Minecraft to build a warm and cozy recreation of the house Kratos lives in with impressive results.

One Minecraft fan has used the game to build the house where Kratos and Atreus live during the events of God of War and its sequel. Minecraft It’s been home to many projects since its release, with fans taking locations from their favorite media and recreating them within the sandbox in stunning detail, and this instance is no exception.

As a relatively simple wooden structure, the house that Kratos lives in during the events of God of War (2018) Y ragnarok it has become an iconic place in its own right despite the little time spent there. Still, the small hut is where Kratos initially fought Baldur and is where Odin and Thor confront him during ragnarokmaking it the place where two incredible events occur that kick off Kratos and Atreus’ journey through the Nine Realms.


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Reddit user JayBeae recreated the cozy house in Minecraft and uploaded screenshots of the project on the God of War subreddit, where it has received around 1,100 upvotes as of this writing. Although the scale of this project is smaller than others in Minecraft, this recreation captures the warm ambience of the house, making it a lovely refuge from the harsh cold found in Midgard. It is both functional and intimate because it can act as a good home for the player to return to for practical reasons, while still being a piece of art that shows passion for another game.

One thing to note is that this is just a recreation of the house itself, lacking parts of the original environment, including the area where Fenrir would rest and, as one commenter pointed out, the hole left in the ceiling as a result of the Baldur’s fight. JayBeae even acknowledged this and replied that they will come back and fix it soon. It would be interesting to see updates on this project that can make it more closely reflect how it looks in-game.

When it comes to games whose focus revolves around knowing and intimately understanding who the characters are on a deeply emotional level, God of War it is one of the best for making the audience resonate. This is clearly manifested with the result of incredibly fan-made projects, with one fan painting an incredible portrait of Kratos during his time in the last few games. The passion fans feel for the Spartan comes in incredible variety, and seeing all the clever ways it’s expressed makes the anticipation of what lies ahead for the franchise more enjoyable.

Minecraft is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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