iPhone WhatsApp: Apple iPhone users get a new shortcut in WhatsApp: learn what the feature does

Apple iPhone owners will now be able to chat with their WhatsApp contacts more quickly, thanks to the messaging platform’s new iOS shortcut. The new WhatsApp shortcuts are included in the latest version, which users can get through the Apple App Store.

New WhatsApp shortcuts allow group admins to quickly complete a job for another user in the group. Since WhatsApp now allows groups with up to 1,024 users, the new shortcuts will allow administrators to privately manage and interact with specific members.

How to move your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone

How to move your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone

If you recently bought a new iPhone and are now moving from Android to iOS, then you must be worried about losing your WhatsApp data.

When a person joins or leaves the group after the update, their phone number will be dialed in the group event. You will easily interact with the highlighted number. Apple iPhone users can use the new shortcuts by touching and holding the highlighted number. Group admins will see shortcuts like Chat, Call, and Add to Contacts. The tool would allow administrators to better manage large groups and discover or contact particular participants.

If the user is an administrator of a WhatsApp group, they can use the new shortcuts by updating their application through the Apple App Store. WhatsApp has been on a roll with features aimed at improving the group experience in recent months.

A few months ago, WhatsApp also made the Communities feature available to the public. For those who are not familiar, WhatApp Communities allows users to consolidate many WhatsApp groups under one roof. This allows users to manage and communicate with multiple groups at the same time.

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