Mario Kart Tour Adds New Mii Racing Suit

Mario Kart Tour reveals the look and release date for wave 24 of the Mii Racing Suits and also announces when wave 25 will be released.

A new Racing Suit cosmetic is coming to Mario kart ride coming soon, giving players the ability to further customize the look of their playable Mii. This will be the 24th wave of Mii cosmetics released by Mario kart ridethe exclusive mobile version of Mario Kart.

Mario kart ride has gained a lot of popularity since its initial release on iOS and Android devices, releasing several waves of cosmetics for different playable characters within the game. One of those playable characters is the Mii. Being able to change his Mii’s appearance at his leisure led many players to want to change his Racing Suit as well, which Mario kart ride enable through many Mii-only racing outfits. Mario kart ride continues to surprise players with new content, and a recent tweet from the game’s Twitter account shows players that the 24th wave of Mii Racing Suits will be released soon.


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The tweet confirms that wave 24 of the Mii Racing Suits will launch on January 25, 2023. The wave will consist of a single suit bearing the name Roaring Racer, both a visual and aural callback to the Kart of the same name, which a Mii can be seen riding in the trailer while wearing the Roaring Racer racing outfit. It is currently unknown how the cosmetic will be obtained, though Mario kart ride recently got rid of its Gacha mechanic, suggesting that the cosmetic will be obtainable through regular gameplay or more direct microtransactions.

In addition to this, the trailer revealed that wave 25 of the Mii Racing Suits will be released on February 8, 2023. However, there is currently no word on the next cosmetic outside of its silhouette, which can be seen in the trailer. Through these constant updates that add new cosmetic options for the character type, Mario kart ride it keeps Miis alive, and it seems likely that there will be many more waves of Mii cosmetics in the very near future.

With so much attention paid to Mario kart rideLike the recent Christmas event that added a new course, it’s clear there won’t be a shortage of content for the game any time soon. With such a wide range of cosmetic options available, players should have no trouble finding the right outfit for their Mii.

Mario kart ride It is now available for mobile devices.

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