Problems with WiFi connection with iOS 16.1? this is the solution

Yesterday we told you that some users are experiencing problems with their iPhones are periodically disconnected from the Wi-Fi network after updating to iOS 16.1.

Their iPhones apparently go offline periodically and sometimes randomly throughout the day, despite no change in their environment. Some users say that their iPhones sometimes disconnect when they don’t move to sleep, for example, during the night.

If you are experiencing these problems, We bring you the only solution that we have found that works for many users:

  1. go to Settings > Privacy and security > Location services
  2. make sure of that Location It is activated
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap system services
  4. deactivate “nets”

With these steps, the problem will probably go away. If so, we would appreciate it if you would leave a comment.

What is the network setting that I just disabled?

As Apple explains, if you have Location Services turned on, your device periodically sends Apple the geotagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers to augment the huge database of Wi-Fi hotspot location sources. -Fi and cell towers from Apple. Apple mobile phone.

By disabling this option, this information will not be sent, but this should not cause any problems for the normal operation of the phone. In any case, we recommend that you turn it back on when Apple fixes this problem in a future update.

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