Rewards tech provider ‘Enigmatic Smile’ to launch in India

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Chelmsford, UK–(Newsfile Corp. – Jan 21, 2023) – The revolutionary digital enterprise rewards wallet:unique ID– is set to make life easier for rewards program users in a digitally overloaded post-COVID world; Its technology links existing payment cards with rewards programs and allows access to all of them with a single login. This makes the ‘reward collecting’ process a completely automatic experience so users never miss out.

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Through Enigmatic Smiles’ technology, consumers can link their payment cards once and collect automatic rewards.

Enigmatic Smile, a rewards technology provider that is revolutionizing the rewards industry by focusing on seamlessly linking high-value rewards to consumer payment cards, will launch its innovative digital rewards wallet,, at the Indian market on Jan 30, 2023

Enigmatic Smile brings a brand new technology to India that will redefine the way retailers, banks and the media engage with and inspire their customers. simplifies life for rewards program users by providing single sign-on and a consolidated rewards balance across multiple programs. It is linked to all participating reward programs and seamlessly consolidates a customer’s identity, permissions and consents. Most importantly, links a customer’s profile to a person’s existing credit and debit cards, making the “cash out rewards” process a fully automated experience.

This technology is particularly relevant in a post-COVID world where organizations are struggling to reach their customers through rewards programs, a space that has been progressively deteriorating due to ineffective offerings, outdated systems, broken experiences, and as a result, a negative ROI.

For customers too, the process of tracking and collecting their rewards from multiple brands and organizations has become more complicated. The explosion of the digital payments space with multiple payment platforms, apps and wallets has further led to the collapse of the ‘rewards’ space.

“Today’s consumers need an easy way to generate savings around the world. There’s a QR code for this and a barcode for that. There’s an app for that and an app for this. There are multiple types of reward cards, points, prizes, discounts, rebates, coupons and vouchers! It’s a minefield! Enigmatic Smile’s unique ID fixes all of this for rewards programs and their users. Our technology works seamlessly and invisibly within the context of existing rewards programs, redirecting billions of dollars from consumers to our network retailers. Consumers will never need to remember or carry a rewards card, so they will never lose rewards again using our technology,” said Bish Smeir, CEO of Enigmatic Smiles. not only makes rewards more rewarding for consumers, but also acts as a bridge between retailers and rewards programs, allowing them to reward customers with confidence, without duplicating rewards. In a single move, participating retailers can deploy an offer to the consolidated customer base of multiple organizations, such as banks, cash-back websites, and insurance companies. Retailers can implement offers, developers can integrate Enigmatic Smiles APIs, and large consumer organizations can take advantage of custom iOS and Android apps.

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