Riot Games Has Been Hacked, Multiple Game Updates Affected

Riot has been forced to delay some updates.

Riot Games has announced that it has been attacked by a hack. The League of Legends and Valorant developer claims that while no important data, including player data, has been lost, the attack has likely delayed upcoming updates to its games.

“Earlier this week, systems in our development environment were compromised via a social engineering attack,” Riot Games tweeted. “We don’t have all the answers at this time, but we wanted to reach out early and let you know that there is no indication that any player data or personal information was obtained.”

“Unfortunately, this has temporarily affected our ability to post content,” he continued. “While our teams are hard at work on a fix, we expect this to impact our next multi-game patch cadence.” The developer is likely reallocating resources to address the security breach before releasing more content. This has affected updates for several games, including League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.


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“Warning players. This may affect our patch 13.2 delivery date,” says the twitter handle for League of Legends. “The League team is working to push the boundaries of what we can fix to deliver the most time-tested and planned balance changes.”

Team fight tactics too tweetedsaying: “13.2 focused on more balance updates for Monsters Attack! This issue may affect our ability to release the full scope of planned balance changes, but we’re working to implement the most significant ones possible through a review in our patch scheduled time.”

This comes just days after a report claimed that Riot Games will lay off some of its staff. Veteran esports journalist Jacob Wolf alleged that he was told by multiple people that the company is looking to lay off some of its staff. The “size and scope” of the layoffs is still unclear, but Wolf says they will affect areas such as “recruitment and human resources, support and esports.”

“Historically, Riot hasn’t made many reductions in its strength in the past,” Wolf added, “but it is in line with a broader trend in tech, gaming and entertainment as economic difficulties begin to affect many corporations.”

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