Steve Smith credits Tennis for improving his game

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Australian star cricketer Steve Smith has regained his form with back-to-back Centuries in the ongoing Big Bash League. He not only scored runs, but also secured a solid start for his team, the Sydney Sixers. Plus, on several occasions he’s played unorthodox shots that make him a one-hitter.

Interestingly, Smudge’s love of tennis is quite well known. He has been a huge fan of the game for a long time and even in the batting style of it, sometimes the kind of shots that hit bowlers, seem to look very much like some lawn tennis shots.

Therefore, Steve Smith He has credited the sport of tennis with greatly helping him improve his game in Cricket. Smudge revealed an interesting relationship between his batting style and tennis.

Western grip to continental grip: How Steve Smith is tweaking his hitting dynamic

“I was probably holding the bat like I used to hold my tennis racket,” the 33-year-old said at the SCG. The right-handed hitter went on to elaborate and elucidate in detail how he’s gotten deep into changing his fist grips around the handle of the bat, from a more spinning ‘Western’ grip to a more liberal ‘Eastern’ one. or ‘continental’ grip. These are terms that are primarily associated with the game of tennis.

“I don’t know what it’s called, the western grip maybe with my right hand. But I’ve opened it up to what’s called a continental grip maybe…a little more open, just allowing me to cut the ball and hit holes and hit the ball further. Just open up my bat face a bit. If you look at some of my footage from 12 months ago…probably four or five years, during that period I was pretty closed with my face, which probably didn’t allow me to hit the ball that big,” Smudge added.

Such of Smith’s hitting dynamics and his explanation comes after the hitter exuded an immense storm in the ongoing BBL. A An unbeaten 125-for-66 came from Smith’s bat for the Sixers against the Thunder despite a slow pitch and back spasm during the afternoon just before the game. The 33-year-old has already hit two consecutive centuries in as many innings to become the first Sixers centurion in history.

Smith is pleased that he changed his batting grip just in time, as he believes this has greatly helped his batting performance and also allowed him to spend more time at the crease and score those big runs.

“He was probably turning up, instead of turning back and letting the ball go up and further away. I thought I did a couple of good ones tonight. The ball travels much better when you do that. It’s been a good adjustment for me, I feel like I’m hitting well in all forms of the game. Hopefully I can continue to score some runs and help out first the Sixers and then the Aussies,” Smith concluded.

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