WhatsApp launches a new iOS feature to streamline group conversations

USA: WhatsApp has just released an update for iOS users that is very useful for group administrators. The firmware includes a series of shortcuts that allow administrators to quickly perform tasks for a specific participant within a particular group.

Firmware version 23.1.75, which can be downloaded from the App Store, allows users to access features. Here are all the details.

Managing WhatsApp groups is more difficult than it seems. The Meta-proprietary platform now supports up to 1,024 users, so it was necessary to find ways to make the communication of the participants more efficient.

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Group admins can select a specific member of a larger group and communicate directly with them in private using the “Contact Shortcuts in Groups” feature.

Go to the specific group you are in charge of. The highlighted phone numbers will appear during the group event (when participants join or leave).

When you long press on a particular number, a list of new shortcuts will appear on your screen, giving you the option to call or chat privately right away. The participant’s number can also be copied or added to your address book.

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Group admins will have less work to do and more time with the new plugin. They won’t have to waste time scrolling through group information screens to find someone’s contact information.

The newly added feature is especially useful in large groups where it can be difficult to find a specific contact among a sea of ​​contacts.

iOS device users can now use the “contact shortcuts in groups” feature of WhatsApp by downloading firmware version 23.1.75 from the App Store. If you’re an admin of a group and want to take advantage of the new feature, get the update.

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Also, WhatsApp is working to allow users to share photos in a lossless format. It is currently being built with a future version in mind.

All images shared on WhatsApp are currently compressed, which reduces both the file size and the quality of the images. However, users will be able to customize the image quality before sending it thanks to an upcoming feature.

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