Where to watch The Last of Us series

You have most likely heard The last of us, Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic action adventure, is now a TV show. You may have even laughed at the series, based on a PlayStation exclusive game, being advertised on the Xbox dashboard. But if you need to know how and where exactly, you can see the The last of us TV series, here is the answer.

You can watch and rewatch The Last of Us series on HBO and HBO Max

What dragon house Y game of Thrones before that, The last of us is an HBO program, created and financed by the television network. So in the US, you can only watch it via HBO or HBO Max.

That means you’ll either need HBO as part of your cable/satellite package, or you’ll have to subscribe to HBO Max, HBO’s streaming service. HBO Max offers monthly and yearly packages, both ad-supported and ad-free. The service is available for PC, Android or iOS mobile devices, some smart TVs, and various other streaming devices.

In the US, the show typically airs on HBO every Sunday at 9:00pm EST and hits HBO Max at the same time. Episode 1 was an extended episode, running for 1 hour and 25 minutes, but the rest should be just under an hour.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the show on Sky Atlantic. It airs at 2:00am GMT on Monday, so if you want you can stay up and watch it at the same time it hits the US, or if you really like to sleep in, it airs at 21:00 GMT of that same Monday.

In the case of the HBO Max and Sky streaming services, you don’t have to watch the show live; you can come back and watch it after it airs.

This is how, when and where to see the The last of us T.V. series.

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