Wii Rom loading problem, (IOS53 game) |

Hi and thanks for your help regarding a previous issue with loading Wii roms.

I believe there are some Wii roms that use certain IOS that require a different cIOS to be installed or a different configuration to work properly.

I’m not sure where to find information on what IOS:es are considered and if there is a list of known games that might use this type of IOS:es.

Anyway, I tried to run a game (Peppa the Pig [RPGPPN]) with apparently IOS 53 according to Wii Backup Manager. When it runs, it starts up and goes to a black screen with blinking black and gray lines. Soft reset or any other button doesn’t work at all, only hard reset or disconnect. The other roms on the USB drive work perfectly.

I tried running it on my PC with Dolphin and it starts as it should.

So thinking that it might be one of these roms that requires proper configuration or another CIOS.

Is there any other kind of information that I can extract from the rom that might help in doing a proper setup?

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