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Dan Moren (photo by Kat Benesh)

Dan is the head of Six Colors’ East Coast office, where he covers Apple and other technology companies. He can also read his sci-fi novels, find him writing the Stay Foolish column on macworld every week, or listen to him on a wide variety of tech and pop culture podcasts. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his family and many books.

Prior to Six Colors, Dan was a Senior Editor at macworld, a publication at which he worked for the better part of a decade. He’s covered a ton of Apple events, reviewed various versions of iOS, and looked at way too many iPod cases. Since 2014, he has been a freelance technology journalist, author, and podcaster.

You can email him at, find him on Twitter at @dmorenor in mastodon.

Dan’s books

In addition to writing about technology, Dan has written several science fiction novels in the Galactic Cold War series. Set a few hundred years in the future, it follows a team of covert operatives embroiled in espionage schemes against the backdrop of a cold war between two galactic superpowers.

Caledonian Gambit: An undercover agent and a failed pilot team up to track down a mysterious superweapon before it catapults the galaxy into all-out war.

Bayern’s schedule: When the Illyrican Empire takes an interest in the largest bank in the galaxy, a team of covert Commonwealth agents try to prevent a cold war from turning hot.

The extraction of Aleph: Aboard the luxurious ocean liner of a notorious criminal syndicate, Simon Kovalic and his team race to steal a mysterious artifact that could change the balance of war.

The Nova Incident: The Galactic Cold War hits close to home, in more ways than one.

Dan’s podcast

Oh so many podcasts. Too many, probably.

The rebound: Dan, Lex Friedman and John Moltz talk about tech topics (sometimes) with an irreverent bent.

clockwise– A weekly tech roundtable hosted by Dan and Mikah Sargent, where two guests come together to discuss four tech topics.

Clout!: Coverage of superhero TV shows, movies, and other media, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by Dan, John Moltz, and Guy English.

Don’t play with Lex and Dan: Lex Friedman and Dan watch popular movies that most people have seen, but they haven’t.

Inconceivable!: A panel show written and hosted by Dan where two teams compete in nerdy trivia.

a complicated profession: Recaps of the Star Wars TV series, hosted by Dan, Tony Sindelar and K Benesh.

the incomparable: A rotating panel show covering all facets of pop culture and the network mothership of the same name.

Total group kill: Incomparable Network’s Dungeons & Dragon podcast, featuring a variety of different adventures.

NASA vending machine: Dan and Jason recap Apple TV+ episodes for all humanity.

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