Apple iOS 16.3 is available with better security, key changes to emergency services and more

Apple’s latest iOS update brings a new Black History Month design, security updates, bug fixes, and more. One of the main security changes is the addition of security keys for Apple ID, which allows users to strengthen the security of their account by requesting a physical security key as part of the two-factor authorization process.

iPhones have always been known for their security features. It’s one of the reasons many companies have turned to Apple for company-issued smartphones. Now, Apple has given users another layer of security with the ability to add a third-party security key. Security keys are a physical means of security that online hackers cannot get past. Diya Jolly, product manager at the authentication services company, said CNET in an interview, “Hardware security keys are very, very secure.”

ios 16 3 update notes

February is Black History Month, and Apple is honoring it with a new iPhone wallpaper as part of its Black Unity Collection. This collection includes a special-edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, a mosaic face, and the new iPhone wallpaper.

The Emergency SOS feature also received an update with iOS 16.3. The Call Waiting option has been replaced with Call Waiting and Release. According to Apple, this was done “to prevent inadvertent emergency calls.” Those who choose this feature will hold down the side button and the volume button to start a countdown and alarm. Once the countdown is complete, release the buttons and your iPhone will call emergency services on its own. This basically removes the SOS emergency call slider screen from the process.

For those with an Apple HomePod, iOS 16.3 also includes an update that supports the second-generation HomePod. The second generation HomePod will launch on February 3, 2023 for $299.

Other updates in iOS 16.3 include fixes for Freeform, address issues where the wallpaper may appear black on the lock screen, and fixes an issue where horizontal lines appear when activating the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Those with an iPad should have also seen the update to iPadOS 16.3. This update also brings the ability to use security keys with an iPad and support for 2nd generation HomePods. It also fixes an issue in Freeform with Apple Pencil and fixes an issue where Siri may not respond correctly to music requests.

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