Atomic Heart has Denuvo, developer claims DLSS will make up for potential performance issues

The Atomic Heart developer reveals that it is using Denuvo, but claims that gamers will have access to Nvidia DLSS to make up for performance issues.

atomic heart it’s going to rely on the infamous Denuvo DRM for its anti-piracy measures, but the developer believes that the game’s implementation of Nvidia’s proprietary AI scaler, DLSS, should be enough to offset any potential performance issues. As popular as it is among developers and publishers, the use of Denuvo remains a controversial topic whenever it’s mentioned.

Many still remember the last time Denuvo suffered a DRM outage, making big games unplayable until the issues were resolved. While this problem is not commonplace, the fact is that Atomic Heart It’s a solo experience with no multiplayer functionality, but you’ll need to call back Denuvo’s anti-tamper servers from time to time to check if you’ve been hacked.


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Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni has said in his recent interview with Russian gaming website Igromania that atomic heart would take advantage of Denuvo DRM to prevent hacking attempts. While most contemporary blockbusters do, in fact, rely on Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology for security, the problem here is that Denuvo has never been mentioned in the context of atomic heart, and it’s still not mentioned anywhere on the game’s official Steam page. Given that a large part of the gaming community does not like Denuvo, this may prove to be a bigger problem than Mundfish may have anticipated.

An enemy in Atomic Heart being attacked with a melee weapon

In addition, Bagratuni also said that gamers who are concerned about Denuvo DRM’s potential effect on performance shouldn’t worry, because Nvidia DLSS will be able to “recoup losses, if any.” Indeed, atomic heart is one of many games that support Nvidia DLSS, but the problem here is twofold. First of all, DLSS is a proprietary AI-based scaler that is only available to Nvidia users in the first place. Second, and more importantly, only Nvidia RTX 4000 owners have access to the frame-generating features of DLSS 3.0, which is the only way to avoid CPU bottlenecks in modern gaming. Denuvo DRM would specifically affect CPU performance, if anything, which means Bagratuni’s announcement might not be big news for the vast majority of gamers.

Earlier this month, the atomic heart The developer refused to comment in any substantive way on the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, leading to issues with the community. With the earlier stories of problems during the game’s development and the latest mention of Denuvo, atomic heart seems to have a bit of baggage already.

Regardless, the RT-enabled gameplay footage shown from atomic heart it looks pretty good. If Mundfish successfully delivers on all its promises, it’s easy to imagine atomic heart it could be one of the standout releases of 2023.

atomic heart launches on February 21 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Igromania (via DSO Gaming)

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