Call Of Duty Zombies Fans Call For Easter Egg Reveal After Eight Years

Eight years ago, director Jason Blundell promised that, in eight years, he would reveal the “impossible” Easter Egg, and fans are coming back for answers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 still has a hidden “impossible” Zombies Easter egg all these years later, something director Jason Blundell teased back in 2013, two years before the game’s release. It’s somewhere in the very first map, Shadows of Evil, and now fans are going back to Blundell for the reveal, eight years after release.

“So here’s the thing, just to crush everyone’s dream,” Blundell said in a video eight years ago, following the release of Black Ops 3 (thanks, GamesRadar). “You can ask me all you want, I’m going to put that in a vault and I’ll talk to you again in eight years.”


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Here we are, almost eight years later, and the community has come to Blundell’s doorstep asking the question, “What is the Impossible Easter Egg?” Granted, it’s not quite a full eight years yet, since it released on November 6, 2015, but we’re in the right year. The problem is that Blundell left Treyarch in 2020, after his new studio Deviation last year, and he has little social media presence, so it could be hard to keep his promise.

A couple of years ago, fans dug through the Black Ops 3 files to try and figure out what it could be. There are reportedly no triggers left for Easter Eggs in Shadows of Evil that haven’t been discovered, which means that the impossible Easter Egg wasn’t impossible after all and was resolved sometime after launch, or is it visual.

Whatever the case, Blundell has ten months to make good on that eight-year promise. Hopefully, the elusive and impossible Easter Egg lives up to the wait.

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