Did Apple pull or delay the HomePod and tvOS 16.3 update?

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The original story (published on January 24, 2023) is as follows:

Apple recently released the long-awaited iOS 16.3 update for compatible devices around the world. Users have already started updating them and are waiting for new features and improvements.

In general, most iOS updates are accompanied by updates for other Apple devices like Apple Watch, HomePod, and Apple TV. However, the 16.3 update rollout for HomePod and tvOS is reportedly having some issues.

HomePod 16.3 and tvOS 16.3 update removed?

When users received the iOS 16.3 update, they anticipated that the HomePod update would be released at the same time. HomePod mini and iPhone/iPad must be updated to 16.3 to activate HomeKit temperature and humidity sensors.

However, it appears that Apple has yet to release the 16.3 update for HomePod (or audioOS) devices. Some have taken to social media platforms to inquire about the status of its release.


I don’t see an update for HomePod to 16.3 on my iPhone (or Apple TV either) – has there been a delay?

I have not been able to update to the latest version of iOS on Apple TV and HomePod, do we have any response from Apple?

Reports (1,2,3) indicate that tvOS users are experiencing similar issues. Things only get more confusing from this point.

We have come across reports suggesting that some users received (one,2) the HomePod update and tvOS 16.3 for a short period of time and I was able to install it.


Some major publications like Mac Rumors also claimed that the tvOS 16.3 update has been released for users all over the world. But the post seems to have been deleted as I write this.

There is a small chance that Apple released the update for a short period, realized that it had some issues, and pulled it back. Some of those who received the update message also had trouble downloading it.


It’s worth noting that the tvOS 16.3 update rollout has reportedly been moved to January 25. Similarly, some believe that the HomePod could also receive the 16.3 update around the same time.

We will be keeping an eye on this matter and will update this story to reflect important information.

Update 1 (January 25, 2023)

12:21 p.m. (CST): Apple has reportedly released updates to HomePod and tvOS 16.3 for eligible devices.

Note: You can also check out our iOS 16 update and bug and issue tracker.

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