Fallout 76 Announces Removal of Illegal Weapon Mods

Today Bethesda released an update to Fallout 76 that, in addition to adding a couple of weekend events, made a change that will go unnoticed by most, but will likely make others quite unhappy. If you are one of the people who have been using illegal gun mod accessories, you are about to lose them. The new update implemented a system that will detect attachments that “do not naturally belong to and cannot be obtained through gameplay.” This will also affect mods that were removed from the drop pool at some point in the past during balance adjustments. It will be things like the Stalkers shovel and explosive energy weapons.

This news was announced in today’s Inside the Vault post. The post doesn’t specify any punishment for using these mods, so it sounds like players will just have to deal with losing them. That being said, they may start rolling out bans for anyone trying to circumvent the new system at a later time, so be careful.

In addition to dealing with mods, Bethesda also announced some weapon improvements. Assault Rifles are now rated Rifle regardless of mods, “Explosive Rounds” only applies to bullets (with the exception of Railroad Spikes), Handy Buzz Blade’s VATS AP consumption is increased. has been scaled down, scrapping the Radius Rifles will allow players to learn mods at a higher rate, and weapon power is now in the scrap/junk category.

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