Fan Favorite Nintendo 3DS Game Saved From Extinction

Pocket Card Jockey, the fan-favorite Nintendo 3DS game, lives on through an enhanced version now available on Apple Arcade.

By Jason Collins | Published

pocket card jockey

Nintendo’s unholy crusade of shutting down its own fan-created IPs and tournaments resulted in numerous disgruntled fans across the board, and countless now-lost fan-favorite games. Every once in a while, though, a brave knight in gaming rig form recognizes the financial potential of some of these lost games and does everything in his power to save a title. This is exactly what happened to pocket card jockey—a cult 3DS title that was saved by Apple.

According to Shacknews, Apple announced that Jockey Pocket Card: Ride On—a game title from the Pokemon developer Game Freak—made its Apple Arcade debut on January 20. Apparently, Apple restored the gameplay of the 2016 original with remastered graphics to better adhere to modern standards. The strange but quite effective mix of horse racing and solitaire has been released on iOS platforms, so it can be played on an iPhone. Compatibility with Apple TV and Mac remains unconfirmed at this time.

the premise of pocket card jockey is that players race horses by playing solitaire golf, a type of card game in which you remove cards from the board and stack them; The more cards you remove, the more energy your horse has and the more chances there are to win the horse race. It sounds really weird, but the experience is weirdly fun and hilarious. For example, the connection between horse racing and golf solitaire is made by an angel who comes to tell the players that their time has not yet come after they were trampled by horses at a horse track.

Apple’s iteration of the game will give pocket card jockey a third dimension, which is one step away from the 2D original, and its only big difference. All the other features of the original are also present in the Apple version, including romance and horse breeding, tactical track positioning, power-ups, and an in-game campaign. So, outside of racing, players breed multiple generations of adorable horses, crossing them for more success in future races. As we said, a rare combination, but one that undoubtedly won the hearts of the fans.

pocket card rider

The original pocket card jockey released in Japan in 2013, with a subsequent North American release in 2016 to fantastic success, with many calling the game “unorthodox, but brilliant”, a sentiment we also share. The only criticism it received was for the fact that it could be unfair to the player and sometimes punitive. The title was almost lost when Nintendo proceeded to close the 3DS and Wii U stores, which will end in March 2023. It is true that the company made some 130 titles available through its online platform.

But it is worth noting that Jockey Pocket Card: Keep Going!— Apple’s variant of the game is not the first to appear on iOS. In fact, the original Nintendo game also included an Apple iOS version released in 2014 only in Japan, but it wasn’t as popular as iterations made for Nintendo gaming hardware, so the game was shut down in 2015. Good luck, Apple’s version will do just fine. better. We don’t condone any form of piracy, but we certainly challenge that view every time a game company abandons their products: We need a game preservation platform. Steam deck, perhaps?

Jockey Pocket Card: Keep Going! released on January 20 on Apple Arcade.

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