Fire Emblem Leak Suggests There Was Once a Planned Game Between Three Houses and Engage

An internal leak from Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems suggests that the studio might have planned another game between Engage and Three Houses.

A recent internal leak from Intelligent Systems suggests that the developer may have planned another fire emblem game between fire emblem three houses and the recent Fire Emblem Engage. The popular strategy RPG franchise has become one of Nintendo’s most iconic ongoing series, with releases often serving as some of the biggest new games. The franchise recently welcomed its newest entry in the main series with the release of Fire Emblem Engage. Now, the leaks may suggest that another game was initially planned.


EngageThe release of comes three and a half years after the fire emblem The franchise welcomed its first main series entry on Switch with fire emblem three houses. The previous game, set on the war-torn continent of Fodlan, quickly met with great success as it became the best-selling game in the world. fire emblem history. The franchise would also launch multiple spin-offs on Switch between two fire emblem warriors spin-offs with Koei Tecmo and a limited-time relaunch of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Sword of Light. However, according to reports, Intelligent Systems had another fire emblem game in progress

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A recent leak from fire emblem The franchise’s internal codenames suggest another title planned between Engage Y three houses may have been in development. Within the Intelligent Systems database, fire emblem three houses goes by the code name “Iron17” while Engage it is known as “Iron19”. Fans speculate that the mysteriously absent codename “Iron18” may have been associated with another fire emblem game, planned to launch between the two. Neither Intelligent Systems nor Nintendo have made reference to another fire emblem game planned before Engage.

Fans were quick to point out that there was, in fact, another fire emblem title released in the middle three houses Y Engage. Last June saw the launch of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesa new Warriors spin-off set in an alternate version of three houses. However, the fan who discovered the missing Iron18 quickly realized that the Iron codenames were only used to refer to the mainline. fire emblem games. three hopesas a spin-off developed by Koei Tecmo, it would not have received an Iron codename like the main series titles.

Although no official information has been given about a scrapping fire emblem match, Fire Emblem Engage it has met with a fairly positive reception from fans and critics. Scores have been trending lower than its predecessor in fire emblem three houses, but early reviews have praised the game for improvements to its strategic elements and gameplay. The game’s main cast of characters have also been popular with fans despite criticism against EngageThe weak plot and social mechanics of . While fans may never know more about the castoffs fire emblem match, Engage has proven to be another solid addition to the series.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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