Google Maps remains inactive or continues to update on iOS devices

Google Maps is a popular web mapping platform that offers satellite-based navigation, street maps, and interactive 360° panoramic views of streets.

Thanks to its ability to monitor traffic conditions in real time, it makes it easy to plan your travel route accordingly.

The platform can be accessed through a web browser or with the help of dedicated application clients available for some popular devices.

Although the platform is useful for various users, some iPhone owners face difficulties while navigating with the app.

Google Maps does not stay active in the background or keeps updating on iOS

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), Several iOS device owners are experiencing an issue where the app keeps updating or restarting every time a user exits the app.

they allege that the app reloads and loses active targets every time it goes into the background, even for short intervals.

Due to this glitch, some find it difficult to travel to different or distant destinations. This bug has also made the app useless for some.

The matter has been persistent for the last few weeks and the developers haven’t fixed it yet. Because of this, some feel frustrated and irritated.


Every time I exit the Google Maps app and return to it on my iPhone, it erases my destination and route information, so I have to type it in and search again. How do I prevent this from happening? IOS 16.2 iPhone XS Max

I use google maps every day, but I rarely start navigation, I only use it to show me the journey. Every time I exit the app and come back, it updates and I have to search for the instructions again. How do I stop this?

Some have even tried resetting the app’s location and privacy settings, restarting their smartphone, and even trying to reinstall Google Maps, but to no avail.

A Twitter user He has even complained that the UX of the Google Maps app for iOS is not well designed and can be greatly improved.

It is interesting to note that some users of iOS-based devices (one,2,3) also experience similar behavior in other Google apps.


A Reddit user claims that the issue arose after a recent iOS update.

Fortunately, Google’s Twitter support team has assured users that comments will be passed on to the appropriate team.


We hope that Google will resolve this issue soon.

With that being said, we will be keeping an eye on the issue where Google Maps does not stay active in the background or keeps updating on iOS devices and will update this article when something worth noting comes up.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Google Maps section, so be sure to follow them too.

Featured Image Source: Google Maps

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