How to mix between wallpapers on the iPhone lock screen

One of the most fun ways to personalize an iPhone is to set your lock screen wallpaper to cycle through a collection of photos. Perhaps you’d like to rotate through a variety of your favorite wallpapers on your lock screen, or perhaps you have a collection of vacation photos, favorite images, or stylish wallpapers that you’d like to scroll through. That is exactly what this feature is designed for.

You can now easily set your iPhone to rotate through a series of photos as your wallpaper, so let’s see how this works.

In order for your iPhone to automatically switch between wallpapers, you’ll need iOS 16 or later. Older versions of iOS don’t support the feature natively, but you can automatically change the wallpapers into a different capacity through the Shortcuts app if you want.

How to Mix Wallpaper Photos on iPhone Lock Screen

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone
  2. Go to “Wallpaper”
  3. Choose “Add New Wallpaper” or scroll to the bottom and choose “New” to create a new lock screen wallpaper collection
  4. Set iPhone to Shuffle Wallpaper Through Photos

  5. Select “Random Photo”
  6. Choose to mix photos in iPhone wallpaper settings

  7. Choose one of three presets: people, nature, cities, or alternatively choose “Manually select photos” at the bottom to select your own collection of images to blend as wallpaper
  8. Set iPhone to shuffle wallpaper photos

  9. Set photo shuffle frequency: hourly, daily, on tap, on lock
  10. Set the frequency of iPhone wallpaper random photos

The people, nature, and cities preselected options do a good job of picking out great photos that fall into those themes.

If you choose the “Manually select photos” option, you can browse through the app’s photo library and camera roll to select photos, choose an album to select photos from, and otherwise greatly customize your experience of wallpaper.

If you want your wallpaper to rotate through photos very often, choosing ‘on touch’ allows you to change the wallpaper every time you touch your iPhone’s lock screen.

My personal preference is to set the rotating wallpaper to change every time the iPhone is locked, so I’m going with “locked”.

Please note that this feature requires an iPhone, running iOS 16 or newer, as older versions do not support the capability. However, you can also change wallpapers automatically via Shortcuts if your iPhone is running an older version of iOS or if you’re using an iPad (since iPadOS seems to be saving lock screen and wallpaper customizations for iPadOS 17 and newer).

You can always set any photo as your wallpaper, though it’s helpful to remember that setting different wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen is different in iOS 16.

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