Inclusive Communication Services Partners with Skillr App on iOS, The Language Experts At Your Fingertips™ Instant VidChat App

NY, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Skillr, the iOS app for affordable up-to-the-minute video chats with professional and amateur language experts, as well as experts in a wide spectrum of other fields, announced today that it has entered into a series of language lessons and associations of interpreters agreements with prominent employers and advocates for people with hearing and visual disabilities and people with limited English proficiency (LEP), tyler herron Y Shelby EdwardsInclusive Communication Service (ICS).

ICS has provided professional and affordable interpretation, translation, and sign language and spoken language services for the deaf, deafblind, blind, low vision, late deaf, hard of hearing, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) throughout the world. Northeast United States for almost a decade.

Now ICS is using Skillr to help consumers around the world.

Under Skillr’s new Non-Exclusive Channel Partnership Agreement, ICS language professionals will use the Skillr app to provide consumers around the world with live and instant one-on-one VidChat professional interpreter services in the Russian languages. , Mandarin, Spanish, and French, with American Sign Language (ASL) Roadmap coming soon.

ICS has also joined Skillr’s referral program, which includes cash referral fees plus long-term income royalty rights for those consumers ICS introduced to Skillr.

Edwards stated, “We are very excited to be a part of the Skillr community because it gives us new channels for real-time interaction with new and existing customers. With the Skillr app we help consumers experience and use the professional language Instant VidChat on demand . interpreters”.

Skillr CEO Shapiro said, “We’re thrilled that the Skillr app on iOS can be a place for our partner Inclusive Language Services to support and acquire new VidChat customers. I’m pleased to welcome Tyler, Shelby and the ICS team to the Skillr family of investors, partners, advisors and our thousands of skilled Skillrs.”

About Inclusive Communication Services
Inclusive Communication Services (ICS) was co-founded by two professional sign language interpreters, Shelby and Tyler, with over 14 years of combined experience serving deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing communities across the US. Their mission is to improve inclusion in the communities we serve by being an affordable resource for premium quality sign language interpretation and transcription services for the deaf and hard of hearing. ICS provides sign language interpretation, transcription captioning, tactile interpretation for the deaf and blind, and ADA consultation services. Link to ICS promotional video

The Skill app
In the Skillr app on iOS, live Skillrs are available to video chat on your topic of interest and on your schedule. Skillrs expertise ranges from the educational to the personal to the professional, so now with the Skillr app your homework help, interview coaching and professional ICS interpreters are available at affordable per-minute rates.

The Skillr Referral Program
Skillr offers a referral program through which Skillr influencers, consumers, and professionals alike, including inclusive communication services, other channel partners, charities, religious organizations, and educational institutions, can start earning money by referring new users to the Skillr app. New entrants receive and distribute referral codes valid for a totally free Skillr introductory session with selected Skillrs.

About Skillr
Founded in Manhattan in 2020 and led by a team of serial entrepreneurs led by a venture capitalist and a private equity fund manager Cassell ShapiroSkillr, Inc., is a developer of software solutions built to address business and social opportunities in the educational technology and digital economy industries.

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