New streaming service Premier Streaming Network is launched

Are you a fan of combat sports, wrestling and more? Premier Streaming Network (PSN) is a new streaming service that offers access to combat sports, professional wrestling, live entertainment libraries and events, traditional sporting events, documentaries and original content series.

PSN is currently rolling out to the web, iOS and Android, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TV.

“During my career I have seen many different technologies, strategies, promotion methods and other aspects of streaming and their respective results. I believe that what we are building at Premier Streaming Network has the best formula to serve promoters and fans around the world,” Owen said. “We are bringing world-class technology and making it available to everyone who needs a home to reach their fan base, win new fans, grow their brand and bring their product to a global market. For fans, they will have a great way to see their favorite product, interact with their favorite events, and most of all, be entertained.”

“For the past 20 years I have been a promoter and content creator. I have experienced firsthand the challenges that come with those jobs. I am excited to implement new ideas about how a network and its content providers can work together,” said Shernoff. “Premier Streaming Network is focused on building strong partnerships with our providers. If your promotion or show is on our network, we’ll treat it like our own original content and give it the attention and respect it deserves. Just as important is the relationship with our audience and providing a user experience that is absolutely the best it can be.”

You can learn more on the PSN website HERE.

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