Nintendo Investigates Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials Bug

Nintendo announces that it is investigating a persistent bug affecting cooperative multiplayer Relay Trials in Fire Emblem Engage.

Nintendo is currently investigating a persistent bug affecting the Relay Trials cooperative multiplayer mode on Fire Emblem Engage. Several user reports came to the attention of Nintendo, prompting the company to investigate the issue affecting Fire Emblem Engage and their players.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the long-running tactical JRPG franchise from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Fire Emblem Engage Players take on the role of Alear, the son of the Divine Dragon Monarch Lumera, as the threat of the Fallen Dragon resurfaces on the world of Elyos. The character and his army of allies must travel through Elyos to retrieve the Emblem Rings, rings imbued with the power of the past. fire emblem protagonists like Marth and Celica. Units that equip these Emblem Rings gain access to powerful abilities and traits that the heroes once had in their respective fire emblem games. Players can also make use of network features to become stronger and access challenging Relay Trials content on Fire Emblem Engagebut certain bugs have hampered the experience soon after launch.


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Nintendo announced that it is investigating a bug in Fire Emblem Engage this causes the “Take Over” function in Relay Trials mode to be disabled after selecting “Random”. When a Fire Emblem Engage the player tries to choose the Take Over option in Relay Trials mode, the player receives a “no data to take over” message. Players affected by this bug are unable to successfully access Private Matches after entering Takeover IDs in Broadcast Tests.

Nintendo promises to share more information on a fix, but the potential timeline for a new update was not given. Those who still want to play Fire Emblem Engage’s relay events they are encouraged to manually enter the codes instead of using the random function. By doing so, players can avoid the bug entirely while still being able to participate in and complete challenging battles in Relay Trials.

Currently, speculation points to Fire Emblem Engage’s day one update that has the underlying cause of the Relay Trials error. While Nintendo works on a fix, players should avoid the random feature and favor codes provided by friends and players in the community. He Fire Emblem Engage The community is very active, so there are many codes available online for you to use.

At the very least, Nintendo publicly acknowledged the issue shortly after the bug was discovered by the player base. A new update should come soon to solve Fire Emblem Engage’s bugs and issues before more arise.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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