Point-and-click adventure Lucy Dreaming comes to Nintendo Switch next month

Follow maps, gather clues, and uncover memories buried deep within Lucy’s subconscious.

The point-and-click adventure Lucy Dreaming is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 28, as revealed in an update from indie developer Tall Story Games. Having first released for Steam, iOS,, and Android systems on October 18 of last year, Lucy Dreaming will be released on Nintendo Switch as a digital download only.

The fourth and most recent game from UK-based Tall Story Games, Lucy Dreaming is the first in the developer’s catalog to be released on a home console. It’s also the developer’s largest project to date, running between 7 and 10 hours and supporting a German language option in addition to the default English.


Set in the relatively quiet British town of Figgington, Lucy Dreaming places players behind the glasses of its main protagonist, Lucy, a witty girl in pigtails and overalls who is unfortunately hampered by an endless series of bad dreams. To help Lucy overcome her nightmares, players will follow maps in and out of the city, gather plenty of clues, and uncover memories buried deep within Lucy’s subconscious.

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The game’s story is a merry-go-round of comedy, horror, and mystery, oscillating between hilarious interactions, family secrets, dark locales, and, true to the point-and-click genre, lots, lots of logical puzzles. Collected items can be used in various places to crack codes, solve puzzles, advance the plot, and sometimes unlock one of many hidden Easter eggs throughout the game.

In addition to its cerebral plot and quirky cast of characters, Lucy Dreaming features a traditional yet completely unique pixel art style, as well as full English voice acting. Notably, one of the game’s characters is played by voice actor Dominic Armato, who previously voiced Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island point-and-click adventure series.

Inspired in part by Monty Python happily tearing leaves out of the Monkey Island book, Lucy Dreaming is described on the Tall Story Games website as a “love letter” to the wacky point-and-click adventures of yesteryear. A game demo with the first hour of gameplay is currently available via Steam,, iOS, and Android.

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